Become a Publisher on Caixboard

Do you have traffic to monetize? Become a Publisher for Caixboard. We will provide you with relevant ads that will appeal to your site’s users thus increasing CTR and your profits.

Blogging is becoming increasingly popular today. It’s a great medium for interacting with people online and it can forge relationships. By writing useful and high-quality content regularly and sharing that valuable information with your readers, you’re building a rapport with them. Always welcome their opinion and let them share their opinions and experiences.

This ongoing rapport eventually builds trust with them and as you might know, when people trust you, they are more prone to buy from you. By using the blogging platform to bring your readers to your blog, again and again, you can eventually monetize that traffic effectively.

Make use of advertising networks like Caixboard to monetize your traffic with some ads. Place the ads in a prominent area and don’t hide them. The large square ads are some of the most effective. Blending the ads have also proven to work well.